Sad news

From Diego's website on Christmas Eve:
"We had plans to bring Diego home today but God had other plans. Diego went to be with our heavenly Father at 3:07 PM today. He fought so hard till the bitter end".
Thank you for the prayers and concern that you have shown for this lovely family.

Bloomin' computer

It turns out that it might not have been paranoia. Our hard drive crashed. I'm hunting high and low for all our software disks and will hopefully be back online soon, but my parents are visiting, so keep your expectations low... If you could see the state of the cupboard that I think the disks might be in, your expectations would be very low indeed...
Merry Christmas!

2 down, 1 to go and a superhero mask

Baby blanket #2 of 3 is finished. Why does it always take at least an extra week for me to get around to tying up loose ends after finishing any knitted or crocheted projects? As for baby blanket #3 (for the baby boy due in March), it just needs a border.
I don't know which to give to which sister-in-law yet. The colour choices are so different and I keep changing my mind about it.
nb. This blanket started off as brown and aqua, as the yarn shop didn't have any girly colours at all in stock. Then a friend told me that, despite the girly pattern, it still looked like a boy's blanket, so I went back to the yarn shop and found hot pink. Hot pink is never going to figure on my favourite colours list, but I decided that if I only did a few rows with the hot pink I would be able to look at the blanket without wearing sunglasses or feeling slightly nauseous.
I've also made another apron, but strictly speaking that's for a December birthday, not Christmas, and my little boy is not around to model it (same fabrics as last time), so you'll have to wait to see that one.
Here is some more quick Christmas crafting, though:
My kids are big fans of dress-up (although my little scrapper of a daughter is rarely to be found in a princess dress), so I made a couple of superhero masks for them as wee stocking stuffers. I used the same template as I did for her Robin mask (which is now missing).
(even superheroes get tired)
Here's a badly drawn template if you want to make one:
Right click on the image to save it, then re-size it and print it off at the size you want (measure so that the eyes will be centre of the eye holes). Cut two of the mask shape out of some felt and then pin them together. Pin a strip of elastic cord between the felt on either side, then sew the two pieces of felt together following the edges of the mask / eye holes, catching the ends of the elastic when you sew the outer edges. I sewed the lines approximately 2mm or 1/16th of an inch in from the edges. Then trim any uneven bits of felt off with some sharp scissors.
No time for a translation of the day today, I'm afraid: my husband's just got home and is about to find out that I've spent my time on the computer instead of catching up with my Christmas to-do list and the laundry. I guess my morning of procrastination has come to an end. Take care all.

Over to you

I've been really busy, um, well, procrastinating lately, so I haven't got any of the handmade Christmas gifts to show you yet. Instead, here's a fabric barn I made a few weeks back.I made this one for these people (I can't wait for this book to come out - I have a bad habit of buying wee bits of sale fabric...). There are some people who have been busy, though. There have been lots of fabric dollhouses added to the UK lass in US flickr group lately: 1. Home Sweet Home, 2. Fabric Barn, 3. farmhouse front, 4. Travel Doll House with People
1. Fabric Dollhouse, 2. Fabric playhouse, 3. fronthouse, 4. Inside
1. Dollhouse, 2. Fabric dollhouses 3. Country cottage, 4. Dollhouse
1. Dollhouse, 2. casinha, 3. Fabric barn, 4. Open the door......
Wow. Please post a picture there if you do make one using the tutorial. I am loving seeing all of the different ideas.
Here are a couple of links to other ones that aren't in the flickr group:
Tiny pink cottage
Spotty dollhouse
Little yellow house
Blue cottage
Yellow dollhouse
Fairy garden
Rally the troops
A couple of people have asked how long they take to make. Well, I'm pretty slow at sewing and they tend to take me about 2 evenings (ie. after the kids go to bed). I prep and cut the first evening, then sew it the second. The size is pretty compact, so you might want to enlarge the pattern. As long as the height is shorter than the width, you will be able to construct it the same way. Otherwise you'll have to make it in one piece (ie. sew the cross shape out of a single piece of fabric). Hmm, I can't remember what other questions have been asked, but feel free to email me at if you do have any questions - or if you want to make them to sell to others.
Translation of the day:
UK English: sultana = golden raisin (larger than currants, but smaller than normal raisins) in US English
There probably isn't a great distinction between the 3 types of dried grapes, but that didn't stop me from searching my supermarket shelf in vain for sultanas. Nope, didn't get around to baking my Christmas Cake yet...