It's not every day that there's a Diamond Jubilee

Upped the ante on the Brit-theme decor, by concentrating my efforts on the dining room: American husband has still yet to comment / notice.  
(That's him gaming in the corner).
So far my Jubilee celebrations have been limited to making some scones for lunch.  No clotted cream: despite my Devonshire ancestry, I've never been a fan of cream.  My daughter, meanwhile, did not like the scones.  Maybe I should get a DNA maternity test done after all - how can an offspring of mine not like scones?

Again, thank you so much Jane for the bunting!

More beads

Finished the copy of my grandmother-in-law's necklace.  This picture will probably be the only time that I'll ever wear it, as, apart from my wedding ring, I don't tend to wear jewellery.  My daughter, meanwhile, loves it.  She wore it to school on 'accessories day'.  On hat day she wore a sombrero, mind - of course: her taste is the opposite to mine.  Despite her hands being miniature versions of mine, I still have days when I wonder whether there wasn't a switch made at the hospital at birth... 
I wasn't ready to put the bead loom away, so next up was a copy of DottyCookie's beaded Union flag:   
I'm thinking that, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics, I should have an easier time than normal of picking up Brit-themed things during my visit this summer. My husband has yet to comment / notice, but I'm busy creating a little Britain in our house.  The pictures are mostly British landscapes.  British themed accessories have been snuck in.  I don't know if it helps with homesickness, but I'm busy creating my own corner of a foreign field that is for ever England...