Want to see some rubbish sewing?

Didn't even have four and a half days to churn out these costumes in the end.  Many conversations along the lines of "are you sure that you wouldn't rather be a cowboy - you have a checked shirt" were had, but the choices of Supergirl and Captain America were not to be budged from.
Still, if I'm to be honest, it's not like I would have spent much more time on them, anyway.  My normal sewing standards go out the window when it comes to making something that will only be worn a handful of times, mostly in the dark.  Cheap fabric, pinked seams, haphazard stitching are all the order of the day when it comes to Halloween costumes - that shield is made from an embroidery hoop, a scrap of fabric and some cheap felt, for starters!
Despite all this, the offspring are still happy.  Their mum is happy, too, as these costumes ended up costing less than $10.  Maybe I'd be more enthusiastic about Halloween if I had grown up celebrating it, but it just wasn't that big of a deal in England when I was a kid.  I went to just one Halloween party (mum let me cut up an old skirt, and I cobbled together a witch costume, complete with a cardboard hat) in the years before university.  Trick or treating was something I had only seen in American movies.  
Still, the costumes have survived two events, so far.  Just the trick or treating on the actual night to go, now.  Then come the days of their mum confiscating the best of the sweets for any bad behaviour in the days that follow... ;-)

Translation of the day:
UK English: rubbish = trash in US English.  It's also used to describe things that are poor quality or nonsense.

As in, "That book was absolutely rubbish!" "Rubbish!  That isn't true!" "Yes, it is, put it in the rubbish bin"

Best laid plans and all that...

So much for my KCWC plans.  We had an unexpected house guest, as they had quarreled with their intended hosts, and just like that, my plans were shelved.  Oh well.  This little shirt was finished right before discovering that I had an hour to throw some fresh bed linen on my daughter's bed and pick up her toys.  Please excuse the crumpled appearance: it was quickly shoved in a closet.  We went to Miramar Air Show yesterday, so I ended up with only about 10 minutes to quickly snap some pictures of it for the last day of KCWC. 
The light on it makes it look a lot different - it's actually quite a gauzy, drapey sort of fabric, that's slightly on the sheer side.  These pictures make it look more like a quilting weight fabric, but it's a lot lighter weight than that.
I made up the pattern as I went along.  I started with an idea for a loose and flowing type of shirt, then changed my mind half-way through.  Ended up doing one of the sleeves twice.  Why is it always the most simple of projects that give your seam ripper the hardest workout?

I had better run: now I've only got four and a half days to try and churn out some sort of Halloween costumes for my kids, as they need them for next weekend.  Take care all,

KCWC: Jinbei pjs

Kid's Clothes Week Challenge is upon us again.  It's a bit of a nutty week this week, so I'm not sure that I'm going to manage to squeeze in an hour of sewing each day, but we'll see how things go.  First up are these pyjamas for my daughter.  They're based on some smaller ones that we were given by some Japanese family friends a few years back.  I think that they are called Jinbei, but I might be wrong.  Hey, I've lived in America for 11 years now and didn't know that Americans spell pyjamas 'pajamas' until it was highlighted by the spellchecker 2 seconds ago...
They have a pleat running over each shoulder to add shaping.

Ok, hopefully I'll get a few more things churned out this week.  A couple of Halloween costumes would be nice - especially as my offspring have been avoiding all of my 'no sew' suggestions (what's wrong with wearing your jeans and a shirt and being a cowboy??  Tch.)