Husband, what have you done?

Apple blossom in the garden
So, it's been a while.  I've been busy putting together a book.  No, don't go and get all excited - not that kind of book.  I'm putting together the memory book for my son's 5th Grade graduating class (that's the last year of junior school to all the UK folk out there.  Yes, I know, calling it 'graduating' seems a little silly, but Americans like to have LOTS of graduations.  I didn't get to graduate 'til I had got my Bachelor's degree, but I've been informed that some preschoolers have been known to sport a mortar board and gown over here.  Hmm, at least I don't think that they go that far at my kid's school.  They do have special t-shirts and a knees-up, though).

Where was I?  Ah yes, the memory book.  The PTA pays for every 5th Grader to get one.  Every spare moment has been used to beg for / download / scan / organise / select photos for the book.   It turns out that some of the parents have been taking a LOT of photos.  Thousands.  And thousands.  I underestimated how many photos I would be wading through.  I also underestimated how many parents will not complete and send back a form containing only one question.  Teachers must be saints to deal with this all the time.

Still, it's almost finished.  It's been fun.  I must admit, my main motivation in taking on the job was just to make sure that ALL the kids were represented in the book and my tally chart (I'm being ridiculously organised) tells me that that objective has been met.  In fact, the only hiccup in its progress had been my husband walking through the door with a puppy under his arm.  With no warning.  Oh, and it's a Saint Bernard.  A mischievous Saint Bernard.  Goodness, I had forgotten how much work little puppies are...
By 'little' puppy, I mean, bloomin' huge puppy.  He's been putting on over a lb in weight every day... gulp.

One month later he's house trained, but I just this minute caught him nibbling the ends of my oven gloves.  It's a good thing he's cute...
Translation of the day:
UK English: knees up = party or celebration (usually including dancing) in US English

Hopefully I'll be dusting off the sewing machine soon...